From Real Estate Woes to Golfing Dreams: A Journey of Community Impact

In early 2007, my family and I embarked on a seemingly promising venture, acquiring the Sun City Country Club in Sun City, Arizona. The allure of 127 acres of prime real estate, zoned for residential development, at an attractive price proved irresistible. However, five months later, our banker's stark assessment revealed the harsh reality – the business was struggling, generating no cash flow.

Undeterred, we persevered, making prudent financial decisions to keep the golf course afloat. At the same time, I was deeply involved with the Peoria Education Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students and teachers. While reviewing scholarship applications from students who had overcome adversity, an idea sparked within me – a way to empower young minds while revitalizing our ailing golf course.

Thus, Golf Program in Schools, Inc. (GPS) was born in August 2015. Our mission: to introduce golf to kids, free of charge, and foster a lifelong love for the sport. We began with a modest team of two, introducing golf to students during their physical education classes. Our model proved effective, and since then, we have introduced over 35,000 students to golf.

To further enhance our impact, we established the GPS Golf Academy, a for-profit entity that serves as a sustainable revenue stream for our non-profit mission. The academy provides high-quality golf instruction to students who have completed the GPS program, while also generating revenue for host golf courses.

Our unique model is self-sustaining, requiring no additional funding beyond initial investment. We invite golf course owners to partner with us and experience the transformative power of introducing golf to the next generation. Together, we can grow the game of golf, positively impact communities, and secure the future of golf courses.

We can accommodate interested parties to visit us in the schools to view our program as we grow the game of golf one family at a time and increase revenue at golf courses.

You may contact me directly:
Tom Loegering,
Founder of GPS, Owner/CEO of Sun City Country Club
623-399-1353 x6 or [email protected]

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